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Ok, so here is the deal: last part of this year is going to be hard and I suspect I’ll need to find some additional sources of income. So I thought it might be a good time to finally move my lazy ass into one and only thing I always wanted to do for life - drawing. Most of the time I lacked motivation because being on a fulltime job doesn’t really leave you much free time, but I fear that soon I’ll get a lot of motivation to turn this free time into something useful. So why the hell not? But before I’ll manage to create a dicent commision post I need some fresh examples of what I can do now with my current skill level (wich is eeer .. pretty low, but, hey! As some wise man said, practice does make perfect! =3 ) and have practice on actually finishing commissioned stuff.

So, long story short, I’m opening a free commision slots with three subcategory in each ...eeer ... category:

-Sketch -
head(2 slots open)
bust(2 slots open)

fullbody( 1of 2 slots open)

-Lines -
head(2 slots open)



-colors with something-that-you-may-call-a-shading(Colors+STYMCS) -
head (1 of 2 slots open)

fullbody (taken)

If it will take Your commision longer that 1 month to be done, You are free to send me a note and kick my ass.

What I’m asking of those who will be interested in it is, when I’m done with Your request, I’ll have Your permission to post your drawing here on tumblr/DA/other art sites, use them in my commision post and have You name a price which You would be willing to pay if these were not free commisions. Pretty simple.

No-no requests: any nudes and open intimate scenes. I value my nerves and I’m not good at those as well xD

Free hugs for any signal boost and sorry for the long post. :hug:

P.S. Me and my friend Idonthaveanynickname

 are preparing for coop-commisions as well, so if You will be interested in helping us out with preparing some example of collaborated commision - feel free to ask!

Edit: And winner is  EnmismAnima

He-hey! Not sure if I'm ready to get back here - RL was a hard mistress over last year and half. Some achievements were made, some strength limits were tested, many tears were shed and many more to come. Life, you know.
But I just looked upon my pageviews and thought "Heh, I think I love number 111111".

Sooooo, here it is. If you happen to stumble upon my DA page and see 111111 number of pageviews - send me a proving screen of your browser with description of what you'd like me to draw to you.
And let's see if I can still make get my hands working.

Stay safe, all of you! :heart:

Stream OFF

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 29, 2012, 7:06 AM

Big "Thank you" for all, who watched it :tighthug:

No sound.
No pretty art.
OC drawing.
You've been warned. :XD:


On the menu: "Draw this again" -…
Music on the background - Faun playlist from Youtube…


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Contest: Immortal blood (Deadline changes)

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 30, 2011, 3:47 PM

EditContest closed! Due to some real life rush I'll make a feature journal later, but all participants already know results :evillaugh:
Thank you all, who took part in it and brought some vampire love on DA. :happycry: Live long (very long ;) ) and prosper.

Edit Due to holiday time and my-greedy-self and lack of participants contest deadline is moved to January 17. :XD:  
Now go and give me to the world some vampire loving! :evillaugh:

"As brighter grows light, darker becomes shadow. So it passed that the Daedra Molag Bal looked on Arkay and thought the Aedra prideful of his dominion o'er the death of man and mer, and it was sooth.
Bal, whose sphere is the wanton oppression and entrapment of mortal souls, sought to thwart Arkay, who knew that not man, nor mer, nor beastfolk of all Nirn could escape eventual death. The Aedra was doubtless of his sphere, and so Molag Bal set upon Nirn to best death."

Opusculus Lamae Bal ta Mezzamortie
Mabei Aywenil, Scribe

And we all know how that ended - Arkay  have been pwned and Molag Bal became the Father of Vampirism. With time his curse grew and evolve. Sometimes under influence of other Daedric Princes. And now we have all kind of vampires hiding in the dark, stalking their prey all over Tamriel. :evillaugh:  

So, with help of ZomV (:tighthug: :happycry:), to celebrate this bloody marvellous fact, I eagerly open contest, which main purpose is to spread some TES vampire love through DA community. :la:

There will be three nominations:
:bulletred: Art
Comics, portrait,illustration to the Lore book - anything, with only one "but" -  work must be strictly digital or traditional. No screenshots or concept-art manipulations.
-1'st place will get 150 DA points
-2'd place - 100 DA points
-3'd place - 50 DA points

:bulletred: Literature(ENG)
It could be short stories (2000 symbols), midi or whole novel. Really :XD:
-1'st place will get 150 DA points
-2'd place - 100 DA points
-3'd place - 50 DA points

:bulletred: Literature(Rus) (will become available only if numbers on participants in this nomination will surpass one)  
-1'st place will get 150 DA points
-2'd place - 100 DA points
-3'd place - 50 DA points

And, of course, all participants will get a feature in contest journal.:nod:
To enter contest in any of these nominations you must draw/write anything, involving vampires of Tamriel, mentioned in Lore (either in game itself or in books). No OC permitted.   You may also use any amount of blood you want, intestine on walls and other gore stuff, but, please, no porn, ok?  Even if it will leave Molag Bal unamused.
After you post your deviation - note me with link to it. Simple :dummy:  

:bulletred:Deadline - 1-st of January ( and thank you all, who voted in pool and helped me to determine it  :thanks:)

Aaaand, that's all. *hopes for at least one entry* :XD:

May the Force be with you on this bloody quest,
Cerv' :heart:

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Skyrim: Lore hunt

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 3:54 PM
To all TES geeks around DA who now are busy walking in the land of Skyrim. If any of You on Your journey came across any information about Hagravens or Witch Covens ( any quests, books or just places involving their activity and Lore on them), it would be great if you'd share your findings here. In comments. Pretty please? :innocent:
Same with vampires. though wiki\UESP already got most of it, it seems.
Spoilers of any level permitted.

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SPOILERS alert. DB in Skyrim

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 13, 2011, 4:06 AM
No blue hair in Skyrim CC! :tears:  Damn ... *cough* :XD:

Finished main quest-line for Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim yesterday.
Spoiler-free What can I say ... it was good, atmospheric with lots of pathos (so far this game is build on good pathos, which only adds to it more awesomeness), one epic contract (no,  Contract) and even some familiar faces :giggle:  Downsides, for me at least, - contracts are too fast and too easy to fulfil on "Adept" difficulty (even if most of them had all what it takes to be an interesting assassin-style adventure. But, ah, that's what imagination is for. Fan versions FTW),  story tweaks were more predictable (but the way they were played is ... breathtaking) that in Oblivion,  armour design is less appealing than previous two versions in TES III, IV (but, probably, it just takes time to like it)

Spoilers alert
Do not read, if you still playing quest line or searching way to join DB.
You've been warned.

Joining DB now takes a special quest called "Innocence lost" or something about helping little orphan to kill evil nanny in orphanage. Atmospheric? Hell yes. Child performing Black Sacrament is something that gives shivers down spine.  :wow:
My first thoughts about leader of Sanctuary  were ... well, she reminded me typical fan-created Mary Sue assassin too much. Seriously,  bitch-"you'll follow my orders"  attitude with pretty face and blond hair - something to set you into a sceptical mood about character depth. :XD: But I remembered that Lucien was just like that too, so it didn't bother me as much as it could. Also she somehow reminded me of Rivanone from Carlota's "Dark ages", which helped greatly to accept this character.
Freak-lever is higher that in Oblivion xD Family now have werewolf, piromaniac old male mage ( old school DB :love:) :love:, female dunmer Seer, 300 ears old vampire girl (not connected to Vicente *sigh* ), Redguard with smart mouth and argonian, whom I already want to hug all the time (a worthy equivalent for Teinaava). Oh, and spider as house-pet.  All of them has a bit less amount of dialogues than in Oblivion and so it feels like their characters needs just a bit more information to shine in all of their glory :dummy:  But they do have different personalities. A bit cliché , maybe. but interesting. And worthy of fan art. Definitely. Night Mother Keeper  - for sure :la:
And yes, you don't have  a feeling of Family once you join. Not like in Chaidinhall. IMHO. But there is a reason for it and ... well, that's kind of fit Skyrim severe theme.
Aaah, and yes. The Sanctuary you are in is the last one of all Dark Brotherhood. Damn elves and their Aldmery Dominion and war against Empire (which was lost for humans)
Cheidinhall stood until it's last member (almost last)  *happy proud tears*
There hasn't been any Listener for a loong time. No Black Hand. Old ways of Night Mother and Sithis are left behind. Sad Shadowscales are sad and left behind as well.
But .... there is a Player Character to save the day. :dummy: :dummy:
Shadowmare is back. :happycry: Still indestructible. Even more indestructible than ever. She/he almost killed a Blood Dragon for me :rofl: I think, when time comes, I'll just send her/him over Alduin. Poor Dragon won't have a chance :XD:
Nigh Mother herself is marvelous. :heart: Bewitching, fascinating. Giving you that lost feeling of belonging, of  Old DB. :love:  Too bad her official story (found in a book in DB) still includes concept of her having children from Sithis :iconfacepalmplz:
Motierre family is back. One definitely can see familiar traits in descendant's face :giggle:
Story contains similar amount of contracts as in TES IV, one Traitor, one Joker .. eer Keeper (amaizing Cicero - last survived member from Cheidinhal Sanctuary with very touching journals)
And. One main fat huge spoiler - Dark Brotherhood gets to kill Emperor Titus Mede II. :la: :la: :la:  Epic :happycry: Stupid, considering current political chaos, but epic :happycry:

End of Spoilers

To sum up and end this ranting (sorry, for posting it in first place, but I just had to get some emotions off XD ) - I'm having huge fangasm for almost two days now.  :iconicameplz:
One thing is left to do now - find any charismatic vampire to get bitten :iconohohoplz: After that Grey Beards may have a chance to see Dragonborn at last xDD

*goes back to Skyrim*

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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 17, 2011, 4:06 AM
... *out to celebrate*



:iconfabulousplz: :iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz::iconfabulousplz:


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'Save frequently and in different slots'

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 13, 2011, 11:24 AM
But Photoshop doesn't want to read them. Oh, well ... damn. =|

ALL HAIL :iconvoxsound: for showing me the way to restore deleted data! Because backup worked! Now I have all my unfinished crap back with me. :iconexcitedlaplz:

Apart from that, I have few question I wanted to ask friends and those who follow my silliness here on DA and, since I do not have pools atm, I'll write them here.:XD:

:bulletred: Was inspired by Nootie and deviant who recently faved my old drawing of Vicente. :XD: Is there any particular old or scrap drawing you'd like to see me redo now? I was just looking through old stuff I still has here on DA and thinking that, damn, I can do better now. :XD:

:bulletred: Imagine that Sithis specifically point out the Night Mother to pick up peculiar characters to help her founding "dark Brotherhood". How do you picture first "Black Hand"? :eyes:

:bulletred: since I no longer has access to previous pools results... "Chronics of amber" by R. Zelazny. First three books. Whose Card you'd like to see?

May the Force serve you well,
Cerv :heart:

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TEH Lists of art and life status

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 30, 2010, 11:09 AM
Edit: Quick update. My pre-session week passed as well as first exam. Giving the fact of how much it sucked blood from me this time, I won't be surprised to end up as some kind of study-undead soon. :| :XD: Apart from that:
:bulletblack: I still have to pass three exams+do a program for my graduation thesis in January. I also will have big degree examination in February. Thrilling. :| => "no" to frequent internet communication still :|:|
:bulletblack: My sister and little niece probably will stay with us for first part of January :dummy: So no serious drawing time too. Damn :| :XD:
:bulletblack: Have  a lot of deviation in my box waiting for looking at! :dummy: And even more messages ^^;
:bulletblack: Because of Shagan-fury and StyxTheMad I told myself that I'll try Morrowind again. :| Will this another try be successful? Will see in coming drawings :XD: At least this is a good reason to finally try and create beast-race-character :iconteheplz:
:bulletblack: apart from that .... Happy coming New Year for all! :iconexcitedlaplz: May coming year bring more happiness, than sadness and consist mostly of HELLOFAWESOME time! :la: :heart: :hug: :happycry:
All updates will be marked with :new:-label near them.

KIRIBAN! 66966

Was caught by :iconassandra: :#1: Congratulations! :dummy: And please, I beg for patience :worship:
Picture: Loren, Shagan and Assandra looting Ayleid Ruins :giggle:

:tombstone: debts or ... TEH LIST OF SHAME! :tombstone:

:bulletred: B-day picture for :iconbluespirit1984: :cake:
:bulletred: "Skingrad group portrait" for :iconcarlota:
:bulletred: The Dark Three for :iconcarlota:
:bulletred: Catherine for :iconcatherinenorbant:
:bulletred: one certain Epic Fail for :iconmozenrak: :iconsmug1plz:
:bulletred: an avatar for FRPG Special Forces
:bulletred: Do'Raksha for :icongoodorc:
:bulletred: Fighter's Guild and OC meme
:bulletred: 2 double Oblivion memes
:bulletred: ... Liberation 09? :XD:
:bulletred: B-day picture for :iconuninvitedchaos:

If I forgot something - remind me, please.

:yoda:  and ... TEH LIST OF PROJECTS! :yoda:

Projects which constantly do not let me concentrate on my debts, that is :|
:bulletred: "Clothes off 8D": Seltn ...:giggle:
:bulletred: "Clothes off 8D": Astarill and Mozenrak :giggle:
:bulletred: Set of TES Tarot cards
:bulletred: " Nine Princes of Amber" - one  certain character which will win the pool  
:bulletred: Planescape Torment "Revised" version
:bulletred: few comics pages on certain different events in time of "War of Red Diamond", TES based
:bulletred: "Griffon" comics, based on DOA universe post-Awakening timeline No griffins, sadly. :no: Because new concept of qunary is awesome and, giving the fact I wanted qunari in that comics, I'll have to wait for DA2 for more lore and info :shrug: :new:
:bulletred: "Quest for Assassin 2" - probably as "conversational" meme  
:bulletred: Mass Effect "choices effected" meme
:bulletred: Night Mother and Sithis story
:bulletred: Vicente ... :drool:

:handshake:  Art Trades  :handshake:
Currently closed.
1)with :iconvitaliusdeosgirl: .. *cough* still without theme :XD:
2)with :iconwindmaedchen: :Lee and Artemus
3) with :iconquillweave:  Demented Loren and Dust during quest for curing latter from her curse

:smoking: 10 free sketches :smoking: :new:
Still have one slot pending.
:bulletred: :iconstyxthemad: Aydel and Ynnee / song "Antything you can do I can do better" :XD:
:bulletred: :iconjeevana: Endran / song "I kissed a boy" by Cobra Starship
:bulletred: :iconcatherinenorbant: Olga and Javdet /song Elton John - Someday Out Of The Blue- done
:bulletred: :iconcsupernova: : Nehema and Hauntie/ song Bones - "The Killers"
:bulletred: :iconcarlota: //VA : Masolde / song "Hot mess" Cobra Starship - done
:bulletred: :iconquillweave:
:bulletred: :iconcarlota: : Myrkul and Coravis/ song Skhan "ötme bülbül ötme "
:bulletred: :icongoodorc:  Mazari and Sylanna/ song…
:bulletred: :iconshagan-fury: /song Blind Guardian "Battlefield" or Immediate music "Liberty Shield"

1) If you want a sketch  - post comment with what you'd like me to draw for you and with song this character/scene/etc is associated with. :new:
2) Rule 1 works only with first ten people :XD:
3) You can also post this thing in your journal, if you like to.

Ok. Now - to the bed, beeeeeeed... *crawls away*

May the Force be with you,
Cerv' :heart:

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YES! YES! YEEEEEEEEES! :iconicameplz:
I ..I can't believe it's true!  :la: Syriiiiiiim ~! Hah! Freeze your gentle asse... *cough* .. I mean, gentle feet in the land of the Throat of the World, arrogant elves! ...  Also imperials, bretons, khajiits and argonians! :evillaugh:
Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM…


.. Just how many hours of my life I'll spent looking at this bás-relief? :la:…
Mountains. Dragons. Nords. Skyriiiiiiiim! :iconexcitedlaplz: And it will be here. In less than a hell-of-a-looooong year! :excited:
Gosh, I have shivers down my spine because of this music... no,wait. All over my body. :iconicameplz:
Loren ( or, more likely, Brasteir and Iril), pack your staff, you're going home! :giggle:

Also ... MASS EFFECT 3. Also at 2011. :|  ...…;

Two awesome trailers of two awesome games in one morning! :iconicameplz: And just how I'm supposed to study right now? :|

Anyway, for those, who interested in either TES V or ME3 - congratulations! *runs around hugging people randomly because of too much excitement* :tighthug:
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... on the traces of paws with claws" (c) Windmill "Werewolf"

Hello, everyone! :dummy:
..No. No, no! Do not point that gun at my head! I wasn't dead for all these days of sudden silence and I'm definitely not a zombie. :noes: For now, at least. :XD:  
I wanted to write this journal for about half-month already and now, giving the fact of expiring premium membership and my scientific desire to remember a a bit of CSS, it is finally here! Though I'm a bit late with css, buuuuut ... Hoooray for small victory over my laziness. :| Actually, not only laziness. Last few weeks ( omg, wait, it is  almost last few months now, isn't it? *headdesk* ) were somehow awkward and emotionally tiresome.  At fist, half-month ago, I wanted to write some huge rant-journal about broken PC, tens of re-installations of PS-OS, damn broken video-card, beginning of new semester, graduating thesis, fear of what will be after University and much more, but now I definitely changed my mind. Thought I still feel a bit sad and scared to death there is no point to still hang on that, right? :iconfacepalmplz: So, instead of looking at boring and miserable blubbering click here -->… <--  and enjoy merry Disney song: "Don't fall in love" from "Beauty and the Beast 2". :iconsmug1plz:

Character Tag

Loren got tagged loooooong time ago by Berende So here it is.
Special thanks for :icongoodorc: for creating some question, because I really didn't know what to write in here ^^; :XD:
1. Post 9 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creators avatars.
4. No tag backs.

1. "Color of her eyes before becoming a vampire"
Sadly it tends to change from bluish-green to bluish-grey because of my bad memory ^^; *cough* Haven't decided yet, but main tone is blue. :XD:
2. "First victim as vampire"
As a proud nerd in making-up missed non-really-canonical-but-Lore-based-features for vampire community of Tamriel, I've grown strong feeling that killing somebody while feeding for any member of sane vampire clan(group,community) is as good as eating salad from tank on some noble meeting with your mouth only. While sitting on floor. And so selflessly that any pig would hang itself because of jealousy. Which shortly means - "bad manners". :XD: It is like a prove that vampire, who killed during his feeding for the sake of feeding process, has no longer anything left within him of a man he once was. An action which shows only by mindless predators and beasts - the primal vampires. Or during vampire "pubertal period", when original instincts of curse are most easy to awake.
Considering big part of Loren's "vampire-puberty" went on Shiveting Islands without any wise constraints, her first unlucky victim surely was a random heretic.  
3.How many times did she trained with Vicente personally?
Not to get into punctilious accuracy - a lot. :XD: 8 months of training, 1.5 of which she also took lessons on "How to be a vampire for Dummies".
3. "The amulet".
The amulet Loren wears is a simple copper locket with burgundy stone and charms to decrease fatigue. It was an ironic gift from an irritated Master to a weary pupil, as well as a bonus for the first "clean" implementation of a contract.
4. "Child toy".
Her first and only brand of toys was "Made by loving daddy"-one. (I'm not talking about soft rag dolls for the first 7-18 moths after birth. That's a standard for any universe I think :shrug: ) Ulfgar turned out to be an able carver on wood. Not the master-carver of course, but at least his toys were recognizable. :XD: Those were various small figures of horses, bears, different figures from Nord mythology, etc. Then, in late childhood, toy-swords and bows.   
5. "First love at Skyrim"
Can't say Loren ever had a huge crush on somebody at her youth in Skyrim. All her passion went on thoughts about her leaving home and become legendary forester of Cirodiil Empire. :XD:
6. Does she have pockets on her clothes?
Giving the fact I'm still working on redesign of her clothes  - don't know. :XD: Probably there will be one inner pocket.  
7. Height
>=180 cm.
8.What does Loren think of Lucien exactly?
That he is arrogant, proud silver-tongue bastard, who likes his job? Oh, and also he is her superior now. :XD:
More concrete, after prison, Lucien was somehow the last line on the cross which strikethrough her previous life, her dreams. And if she ever loathes or being dramatically ironic on herself for the new path she's walking now - she surely, as in reflection, feels same way about Lucien. But that's deep inside. On "surface" ,especially after "puberty" was over, she tries to remain straight, cold and formal. Could be sarcastic, but only a little and mostly in thoughts in usual situation. Doesn't really like to talk to dearest Speaker or be somewhere nearby, actually. Tends to think that his appearance means either bad news, or something that she won't like anyway.       
9. ... can't think of anything. Suggestions are welcome :XD:
Tags: normally, I'm not that Evil to tag people, but this meme makes it too tempting :evillaugh: So, I tag:

:iconquillweave:'s  Ash
:iconethelle:'s Seltn Othras  .... :paranoid::drool:
:iconcarlota:'s The Four Magnificent :dummy:
:iconstyxthemad:'s Acheron
:iconuninvitedchaos:'s Hannah
:iconshagan-fury:'s Dalance
:iconmerela:'s Godric
:iconcatherinenorbant:'s Olga

Russian folk music

Some time ago I had a wave of huge crush on one of our folk-groups - The Windmill. For those who interested, here is a  few beautiful songs from this band. :dummy:… "Werewolf" - "Оборотень". Video from Russian animation movie "Prince Vladimir"- "Князь Владимир"… "Fire" - "Огонь". Video from Russian animation "The Wild swans"- "Дикие Лебеди"… - "Ribbon in the hair"("Fillet") - "Лента в волосах". Video from anime "Bleach". And it actually fits this song. Really :nod:
Here it is. Hope someone will enjoy these songs! :dummy:

Aaand it seems this is all for now. :XD:  Next step - a ride on all those awesome deviations from fantastic artists :la: (or was it fantastic deviations from awesome artists? Hmm ..  :plotting:) And installing MSN. :| *prays to Great Elders that her computer won't  broke up AGAIN and she can safely install every  program she needs on it*

May the Force be with You all,
Cerv' :heart:
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60006 anyone? xD

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 25, 2010, 2:39 PM
Well .. it seems that 60006-kiriban is lost.  Still, I feel quite masochistic, so let it be  60106  for next one.

Except for that - nothing to say at the moment. :XD:

Oh and for all, who knows Russian, a bit of Nordic mythology, who loves minstrels and have good sense of humour -  listen for this song… . Don't know why, but it struck me hard :rofl: Just do not look at video.

debts or ... TEH LIST OF SHAME!

:bulletred: Art-trade with :iconisbjorg:
:bulletred: Kiriban picture for :iconassandra: and :iconshagan-fury:
:bulletred: B-day picture for :iconcatherinenorbant:        and for :iconbluespirit1984:
:bulletred: one last sketch for :iconkalid909: of those ten free sketches I did once
:bulletred: "Skingrad group portrait" for :iconcarlota: .. though I bet there also was something else
:bulletred: Catherine for :iconcatherinenorbant:
:bulletred: one certain Epic Fail for :iconmozenrak: :iconsmug1plz:
:bulletred: three pictures for FRPG Special Forces
:bulletred: Do'Raksha for :icongoodorc:
:bulletred: at least two avatars for acquaintance
:bulletred: adventure and OC meme
:bulletred: 3 double Oblivion memes
:bulletred: ... Liberation 09? :XD:
If I forgot something - reminds me, please.

Projects which constantly do not let me concentrate on my debts, that is :|
:bulletred: Set of TES Tarot cards? :new: :rofl:
:bulletred: Set of cards " Nine Princes of Amber"  
:bulletred: Planescape Torment "Revised" version
:bulletred: few comics pages on certain different events in time of "War of Red Diamond", TES based
:bulletred: "Griffon" comics, based on DOA universe post-Awakening timeline
:bulletred: some strips of Loren and Beryh first journey to Skyrim
:bulletred: "Quest for Assassin 2" meme
:bulletred: Mass Effect "choices effected" meme (idea would be combined with previous point)
:bulletred: Night Mother and Sithis story
:bulletred: Vicente ... :drool:

And may the Force be with you,

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Thank you, SIMS3 ....

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 16, 2010, 8:17 AM
... for giving us free try on journal skin. At last you can be somehow useful for many people all-over the world :|
So~ I intended to write a bit more informative journal since 3d of June. That would be for two weeks already. Whoooah, I'm really prompt, am I? :slow: Can't say I had any impressive events storming in my live recently - just a house routine spiced with rides to my sister and little niece, reading, playing, enjoying my deserved sleep till 11 a.m. and covering some debts on the FRPGs (which always turns into new debts - one of the Multivers laws). As for this journal - it was triggered mainly because of FREE JOURNAL SKIN! :la: :XD: And because I was tagged. And maybe because I wanted to list some of my drawing debts and projects here - to shame myself and to start working on them at last! ^^; And some more things...   

Yes. I know I didn't post previous kiriban picture yet. Shame on me *goes sobbing into her shame-corner, pressing by conscience in faces of Shagan and Assandra*. But I did one of most troubling parts - the interpretation of idea and composition, so I hope to finish it in nearest time before next kiriban, which will be at... 60006. As it always happens with kiribans: you must give me screenshot  and I'll draw for you whatever you want *cough* eventually ^^;:XD:

Yeah ... Planescape torment ... :|
I can't find proper words to describe just how awesome that game is. :iconfatlaplz: How fascinating, atmospheric and engulfing. It has everything: deep, developed characters, intriguing and thrilling plot, many hilarious stuff, awesome well-written dialogues and handy game system. It also has quite impressive graphic(for an old game it is), which (along with stunning work of art-designers) gives us astonishing world of Sigil - dark, mysterious and dangerous City-Crossroad of Multiverse. :dummy:
Can't remember who was first to tell me about this game, but I bet it was :iconcarlota: Because in 8 of 10 cases, when I found something breathtaking and inspiring,it always appears to be her fault :| THANK YOU! :worship: :la: :love:

Reminds me I still need to finish answering on previous one ... Thanks gods, this one doesn't imply "comment and I'll answer some nasty things about you"! :XD:  Was tagged by :iconkalid909:
Rules :
(1). Publish the rules.
(2). Each tagged person should put 10 things about them in their journal.
(3). Tag 8 people.
(4). Go to their page and tell them they are tagged!
(5). NO Tagging back.

1.I need to wear glasses while working on computer or looking at distance.
2.Forth year in University increased my feeling of self-degeneration.
3.It appears that I do like philosophy lectures. Actually that is the only subject on which I write good conspectus without spending time on drawings. Shame we will have only two pairs of it at University next term.
4.Was recently deeply impressed by manga "Berserk". :wow: Guess I know where to look for inspiration and references for sword-fights now. It filled with them. And it also filled with  rudeness, cruelty, disgusting and scary monsters, betrayal, suffering, deaths and enormous amount of all kinds of violence. So here is words of caution: this manga isn't made  for people with sensitive nervous system or high aesthetic level. I was afraid to go to bed at first night I read it :fear:
5.Currently reading 3d book of "Amber" series by R. Zelazny. And fighting with urge to draw some cards from it ... damn inspirations. Why it never works in the way I want? :|  
6.Always wanted to see some real RP. One which take place on the open air, with costumes, swords, fights and people talking to each other as they were elfs, dwarves, vampires, sith, etc.
7.I have round face, grey eyes, dark brown hairs higher than my shoulders.
8. Dragon Age made mе like griffins :rofl:
9. I also have almost unhealthy interest in vampires. Not all kinds of vampires, though, thanks for certain books/movies/anime :roll:
10.... I like to draw :slow:
And NO, I won't tag anyone. Consider me as a member of "ANTI-Tag"  union :salute:

Yeap, that's right. :D Again it is time for one big warm "THANK YOU" for all people who faved, commented or just looked on my pictures! You all make me feel useful :dummy: :la: And special "THANK YOU :iconyaayplz: " for some special people without whom deviantart would be just an ordinary art site for me, not the place I've become addicted, place I knew I can find some awesome people to chat with, to play, to relax, to have fun, to find help when needed and to enjoy brilliant art, as it is for me now! :love:
:iconcarlota::iconstyxthemad: :iconethelle::iconcatherinenorbant::iconshuramiyaki::iconmerela::iconsaintglory: :iconvampirisa::iconuninvitedchaos::iconshagan-fury::iconcsupernova:
:iconsuperheroplz::iconsuperheroplz::iconsuperheroplz::iconsuperheroplz::iconsuperheroplz: :iconsuperheroplz::iconsuperheroplz::iconsuperheroplz::iconsuperheroplz::iconsuperheroplz::iconsuperheroplz:  ...and a lot of other great people :dummy:
And damn, now I feel like I'm drunk, writing some drunk-rant :rofl: Anyway, guys, I love and miss(whenever I'm not on DA) you. :happycry:  
... guess now I need to stop being lazy and answer at least 400 on messages from my almost 1500 and check about 100 deviations... *goes to shame corner again* ^^;
debts or ... TEH LIST OF SHAME!

:bulletred: Kiriban picture for :iconassandra: and :iconshagan-fury:
:bulletred: B-day picture for :iconcatherinenorbant: and :iconbluespirit1984:
:bulletred: one last sketch for :iconkalid909: of those ten free sketches I did once
:bulletred: "Skingrad group portrait" for :iconcarlota: .. though I bet there also was something else
:bulletred: Catherine for :iconcatherinenorbant:
:bulletred: one certain Epic Fail for :iconmozenrak: :iconsmug1plz:
:bulletred: three pictures for FRPG Special Forces
:bulletred: Do'Raksha for :icongoodorc:
:bulletred: at least two avatars for acquaintance
:bulletred: adventure and OC meme
:bulletred: 3 double Oblivion memes
:bulletred: ... Liberation 09? :XD:
If I forgot something - reminds me, please.

Projects which constantly do not let me concentrate on my debts, that is :|
:bulletred: Set of cards " Nine Princes of Amber" :new:
:bulletred: Planescape Torment "Revised" version :new:
:bulletred: few comics pages on certain different events in time of "War of Red Diamond", TES based
:bulletred: "Griffon" comics, based on DOA universe post-Awakening timeline
:bulletred: some strips of Loren and Beryh first journey to Skyrim
:bulletred: "Quest for Assassin 2" meme
:bulletred: Mass Effect "choices effected" meme
:bulletred: Night Mother and Sithis story
:bulletred: Vicente ... :drool:
For one of these projects I'm already preparing "ground" somewhere here on DA. :slow: If someone will find it - he will get a cookie :XD: Except for you, Styx :|

Anybody interested in small quest in nearest time? :slow:
Though we need to finish at least three (or maybe already two? :XD:), which  we already started :| *starts to dig a tunnel from Shame-Corner to the RPG-page*

Aaaand ... I think that's all. Now I need to make some tea, write two posts on FRPG and get back here - to cover some debts ^^;


Original journal skin ->… :worship:

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Just passed my last exam few hours ago. On mark "5" again. :iconsmug1plz:
that means
:iconlascrollplz: I'M DONE WITH SESSION! :iconlascrollplz:
And I'll get my scholarship again/ it isn't much, but still  :iconsmug1plz:

Will be back update with more constructive journal soon... for now - must take some sleep... or maybe play a bit in PST? Or watch some movie? Or start read one of  J. Martin's book? ... C'os I finaly can do it without thinking "damn, must go and prepare for exams" :iconsmug1plz:
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First of all - about exams ... I passed one yesterday! And on mark "5" :iconsmug1plz:  ... actually we were just lucky to answer it to my Sci. Master - he is really kind person. But more than that - he doesn't really care about students and their marks ^^; :XD: so I think almost everyone got "5" back then. Still .. it feels good. and it probably will bring me some time to answer some comments (and to watch TES RP threads)... because I really feel bad for not being able to do it. So if you won't receive any response even after that - then THANK YOU! Thank you very much for each comment and +fav. :love: Because it really makes me moves forward and draw more ... :happycry: + every time I read them I feel warm and fuzzy inside :iconimhappyplz:

My session officially  starts at 18th of May and will last 'till 18th of June. I also will have  one week of pre-session time (as always) to get my right of access to the exams, which means: passing some written tests, writing two more essays and answer some oral  questions as well, probably. And that means I already have session now to prepare for it (and because of that I want to say "sorry" for all who still waiting pictures from me (while I draw some  random stuff I shouldn't .. ^^; ) and to Bro, who still awaits for my answer on the SF RPG (I hope you're still waiting for it, you milk stick of confectionery :XD:)). Now. *deep sigh*  After that I'll have to pass two more exams...
And after that  ... I'm free! :dummy:

Ok. My classical journal about session ranting is finished, now to the  meme part :XD:

I think I already tried this thing in past .. :plotting: But, well :XD: Here are some rules:  

Simply comment and I will:

1. Respond with something random about you.

2. Tell you which colour you remind me of.

3. Tell you my first memory of you.

4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.

5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.

6. Tell you my favourite thing about you.

7. Tell you my least favourite thing about you.

8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

Take good care, all of you! :love: :hug:
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Edit: Woah. :wow: Places filled so fast so I'll close this theme for now and start to working on memes. :salutes:
-------------------------… anyone wants to give it a try?)

.... Yes, I know I'm bad at filling memes :XD:

I'll try to fill it three times if there will be people interested in it, with chars:
-Loren (with Sometimes-normal)
-Beryh (with Shaggie)
-Taren (with CatherineNorbant)

.. waiting for brave (and patient) deviants :XD:
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... is it still possible to draw in MSN? :noes: Because every time I drew something it goes converted into text and disappears! :cries:

And some random less important stuff. Even not worthy to read compare to upper problem, really. :XD:

:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: Thanks again for all of you for the B-Day greetings and drawing! :love: You're greatest persons ever! :happycry: I felt so warm and need  and .. so dumb! Because I can't remember your B-Days or follow some journals where you post theme-related-news properly! I know :iconcatherinenorbant: made a journal some months (year ? :XD:) before where she asked deviants to list their B-days as reminder. Well, I failed with checking that list too. Shame on me. :no: So I've decided to made a little calendar with red dates on each B-Day and it's transcription in author's comments to place in on profile page. So if you don't mind the idea - please tell me your B-Day so I can fill the calendar :nod:
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: Thank you for each comment , +watch or +fav I receive. I'm sorry I do not replay them in time (or at all), but they really means a lot for me. :love:
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: A KIRIBAN! :dummy: Yeah. Why not? :XD: One who will catch 50005 pageviews will get a free picture for himself.
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: Special paragraph for Carlota, Lun, Mr.EvilFan-Club and :iconkalid909: . I remember. I really do. :nod:
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: Special paragraph for everyone else whom I owed something ... I don't remember! :cry: But you can remind me, if you want to :XD:
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: "Quest for Assassin 2". Anyone wants to know the next part of the story, while lazy author fights with evil exams and scripts to "Liberation" (and little bearded obsession :giggle:)?  
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred:  Exams.  I still have two exams to pass: on 19th (I'm not ready for it :no:), on 20th ( and for this one too :no:) and on 25th (<- last try to pass one of the exam I'll fail. :| Next tries will be in February)
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: My little niece turns one month today. :dummy: She's growing. :happycry:
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: Also, my ARD almost over. I still find Truart "kinnda hot" :giggle: And long life for the sten and poet tree! :XD:
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*storms into the journal space*
I am an auntie! :la: My sweet little niece was born about 22 hours ago. And she already so sweet and beautiful!!
*flees back to her session*
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I have a mole ... ?

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 12, 2009, 1:13 PM… - brilliant! :rofl:
from "Robin Hood, Men In Tights"
This one officially made my day as well as the whole movie the first time I saw it.
(… - like this one, for example (have very nice image for stressed Truart almost brought to hysteria because of the Watch fails :rofl: ))

As for other things:
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred:  I'm afraid I  starting to have those "mental-activity-holes" again. Like .. one can stand, sit or simply lay down for a certain time knowing he/she need to do a lot of stuffs but still sitting/laying/standing not doing anything but wasting time. Even not thinking of anything  particular, only have a small thought "Oh noes! I need to do  a lot of stuff! Get working, you ... !" on the back ground. This, as you can guessed, brings a lot of problems with time and mood sometimes.
Hope I'll manage to get over it with proper planning my day... Hope ^^;
Maybe someone has same problem and already know the solution? All advises are welcome! :#1:
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: Can't wait to become and aunt  again :giggle:
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: We have a first snow today. Faaacinating, winter makes its first attack.
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: Thank you for all favs, watchers  and comments. :happycry: Just .. Just come here, all of you *insert GIGAhug here* :iconglompage: :dummy: :love:
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: Can't look through all the journals so tell me, how are all of you? :eager:
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred: And a little advertisement : <- JOIN US! :la:

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Because THIS. IS. EPIC!: :XD:



:thumb126354320: :thumb122523432: :thumb135922679: :thumb132018046: Mr Evil stamp by Cerviero The Hammer by Cerviero :thumb143290497:

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<Gallery> <Favourites>  <Where snow falls> <Liberation>

Helluu to everyone :la:

:bulletorange: Firstly, Since I've already have more than a lot of pictures to draw I've said myself "Plus 11 pictures, minus 11 pictures. There won't be much difference" *sigh* So I've decided to take a "tag" from :iconcatherinenorbant:  on "10 free sketches for first 10 who will leave a comment here" :XD:
Rules: The first 10 people who comment on this journal will get a free sketch of whatever they want me to draw. In return - offer 10 free sketches in your own journal.
Result: I think of 10 digital sketchy sketches placed on two deviations. And you are warned, they will be sketchy ^^;
1) :iconethelle: Astarill (done)
2) :iconmerela: Varda Arvel and Martin (done)
3) :iconcarlota: Vladimir Putin fighting the Loch Ness monster / Baurus, Mister Evil and Bombassa (done)
4) :iconuninvitedchaos: - Tanya and Martin (done)
5) :iconnecromancer-staff: - Finland and Sweden from Hetalia (done)
6) :iconshagan-fury:  - Shaggie (done)
7) :iconcatherinenorbant: - Olga (done)
8) :iconkalid909: - Alianna Elunan
9) :iconvampirisa: Vicente&Etherys (done)
10) :iconaneirin-aryon: Coulumbine/Kyusai/Zenji (done)

:bulletorange: Edit(19.09.09): Aaaaand Kiriban caught by :iconcarlota: :winner: ! Congrats! :clap:
Secondly, the number of pageviews tends to growing up to 40 000 :excited: *feels really proud, pleased, excited and all happily blushes right now :blush: :la:* That means the kiriban is set on that number. So the person who will catch it will also have a free picture of whatever he wants to see.  
And big  warm thanks for all of deviants who watching me, commenting and faving. Guys, you really made me feel useful and needed  :happycry:

:bulletorange: And the last one. I know that any of you know some jokes. Or funny pictures, clips, etc. So why not to share it, hey? Let's spread some fun, smiles and laugh among people! :#1: So Main Rule for one to comment: tell some joke you've heard not so long ago, or one you've really love, or link to a funny picture... anything! :XD: Remember - laugh make life longer!

Lots of love to everyone,
Cerv :heart:

Smile! *collection of fun so far* :dummy:… icanhascheezburger.files.wordp… (<- the Rabbit :fear:) icanhascheezburger.files.wordp… icanhascheezburger.files.wordp… icanhascheezburger.files.wordp… icanhascheezburger.files.wordp…
punditkitchen.files.wordpress.……… (<- :eyes: )…… (<- :rofl: )……… ( <- beware of grummites :rofl:)…………………… (<- boys *rolling eyes*)… (<- :fear:)
More Putin shots :… punditkitchen.files.wordpress.… punditkitchen.files.wordpress.… punditkitchen.files.wordpress.… punditkitchen.files.wordpress.… punditkitchen.files.wordpress.… punditkitchen.files.wordpress.… punditkitchen.files.wordpress.…
Geography lulz -…………… (<- remember this one every time you'll take a bath :rofl:)………… (<- :no:)…… (<- :D )………

A pirate ship floated into a bay where three enemy ships awaited it. The first mate came to his captain and said, "Aye, three ships on the horizon my captain." So the captain said, "Fetch me my red sweater." And the pirates fought off the three ships.

Once again, the enemy came, this time with five enemy vessels! And the captian asked once again for his red sweater. They beat the five ships back. The first mate wondered, what's so special about the captain's red sweater. So he asked him. The captain told him, "I wear this red sweater so that if I were to be injured, no one would know and ye would all still be fighting a good fight."

And so the next time the enemy came with twenty five ships the first mate said, "My captain! The enemy comes with twenty five vessels!"

And captian replied, "Yarr!!! Fetch me my brown pants." XD


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